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We are specialised in conducting and developing this kind of investigation. We obtain all the necessary evidence of the breach of a lease contract in order to initiate a lawsuit (for non-payment of rent, eviction…) and guarantee that you win the case.

Rentals, transfers and sales of properties have increased at a frantic pace in recent years, as well as illegal practices on them.

Among other actions, we locate tenants at their real address and identify people who have been sublet in the rented home.

The most common frauds that we can detect are:

  • Sublets and vacant homes.
  • Room rental by the tenant.
  • Locating defaulting tenants.
  • Execution of building works without the consent of the lessor.
  • Use of the property for purposes other than those stipulated in the contract and / or illegal activities.
  • Tenant solvency reports.
  • Duplicity of housings to maintain rent control.
  • Problems with vacation rentals.

We know that these sorts of issues can cause great concerns to the owner and, for this reason, we can take care of all this process.

Contact our agency and we will deal with the tenant, make the pertinent reports and obtain evidence for the subsequent demonstration of the breach of contract if you go to court.

Methods of performance

  • Obtaining information in an interview with the tenant(s) and the sublessee(s) thanks to hidden cameras
  • Control of the sublessee(s) entrance and exit to the property.
  • Follow-up and control of the tenant.
  • Obtaining information in an interview with the different neighbours from the property thanks to different technological means.