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These are some of the services that Croma Detectives can offer you:


Have you noticed a change in the attitude of your partner? Do you notice that his or her personal appearance has improved?

Sick leave

Feigned sick leaves have become one of the main causes of hiring the figure of a private detective.


Our evidence can be taken to court and be decisive to modify the divorce measures adopted previously.

Behaviour examination

The attitude and relationships of your children, the threats to which they may be exposed (drugs, bad influences) can cause great concern and emotional instability.

Employee absenteeism

Employee absenteeism is a common concern for companies as this practice greatly affects staff performance and company productivity.

Unfair competition

It is common that company managers go to detective offices in order to ask for help when they suspect that a salesperson, a technician or any other employee is working at the same time for another company and there can be a leak of sensitive information.

Urban Leasing

We are specialised in conducting and developing this kind of investigation. We obtain all the necessary evidence of the breach of a lease contract in order to initiate a lawsuit (for non-payment of rent, eviction…) and guarantee that you win the case.

Search and location of individuals

This type of service requires great planning and study all the documentation and information provided by our clients.