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Nowadays, the figure of the IT professional that is used to creating expert’s reports for the judicial process is very important because new technologies control all sectors (business and personal) without a doubt. This specialised professional is able to locate electronic evidence and prove all the gathered information in order to use it as supporting evidence for judicial procedures.

The goal is to recover the existing data records and messages within a technological equipment in such a way that all that digital information can be used as evidence before courts.

Services rendered:

  • Recovery of messages and content from mobile devices and applications such as WhatsApp
  • Analysis and deletion of the track on the Internet
  • Secure deletion of the information
  • Technical audit of security, networks, Wifi
  • Penetration test, intrusion detection
  • Track anonymous e-mails, post authors, web page owners.
  • Audit of security, privacy and communications
  • Unfair Competition Detection
  • Irregular use of the e-mail
  • Abuse of the computer systems
  • Intentional file deletion
  • Infringement of confidential information
  • Breach of obligations and contracts