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This type of service requires great planning and study all the documentation and information provided by our clients. These are cases of special sensitivity and we will go into detail in an interview with our client, which will be highly relevant and decisive for the initiation and development of the investigation.

 Our experience in this kind of investigation has guaranteed the successful location of individuals who have disappeared for years in international territory, such as the Czech Republic, Germany and London.

Furthermore, as we are experts in family mediation, we can help you to redirect the bond with the disappeared individuals in case of a voluntary disappearance. Once we find their whereabouts, we use psychological and specific techniques in order to establish a conversation with them.

When is it necessary to hire a private detective to locate individuals?

The private investigator can help locate missing relatives that disappeared willingly or due to mental derangement, provided there is a legitimate interest on the part of our client. We can also collaborate in the search for a person who has disappeared due to kidnapping, as long as there is a prior complaint and it has been brought to the attention of the corresponding authorities.

Recurring defaulters are professionals in the art of disappearance, on many occasions they live by avoiding economic deals. We are also dedicated to locate debtors for the subsequent summons.

Another kind of investigation by location is kidnapping of minors by one spouse. In this case, we will initiate an investigation to find out the whereabouts of the parent and we will verify the welfare of the minors, so that they can be returned to our client by the legal authorities.

Other types of locations:

  • Heir Location. Search for individuals on the occasion of a will or inheritance.
  • Witness Location. We look for witnesses in legal proceedings.

The reason for a disappearance is always a cause for concern. If you have questions about how to find that person, do not hesitate to let us know, we will be glad to help you find him or her.

Methods of performance

  • Planning and study of the strategy through the information provided by our client
  • Interviews with the individuals that have a close relationship with the subject.
  • Obtaining information through different registries and public entities.
  • Contribution of all documentary, sound or video evidence obtained through the development of the investigation and, if required by the client, recording of the interview with the disappeared individual, as proof of life and status.