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Croma Detectives also has a team of specialists in conducting Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. We have the most modern equipment of electronic countermeasures.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures try to identify active or passive spy elements that are used to collect or transmit information illicitly, either audio or video.

What can we detect?

The mixture between the cutting-edge technology used, technical knowledge and experience leads us to be able to detect the following devices:

  • Hidden microphones (active/passive or muted)
  • Digital Microphones (Wifi, Bluetooth, Burst, FHSS…)
  • Hidden cameras (detection of micro spy cameras)
  • Telephone transmitters
  • GPS Beacons

When we apply this technology, we guarantee security in your rooms and communications, being able to detect microphones or devices that transmit information constantly, as well as equipment that has run out of battery or that is programmed to be actived in a specific time frame, recorders and data collection equipment.