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Have you noticed a change in the attitude of your partner? Do you notice that his or her personal appearance has improved? Have you detected a change in his or her daily routine, such as arriving home later than usual or doing new recreational activities? Is your partner more reluctant than before towards your access to certain devices? Is he or she paying more attention to the phone than before? Does your partner make constant references to third parties?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions, all of them are indicators of a possible infidelity. Infidelity is an abuse or a bad use of the confidence by one member of the couple in a relationship that can cause a profound emotional conflict.

Our services will help you to clear up any doubts about the suspicion of an infidelity. We carry out all the necessary tasks at our disposal to solve your situation and we bring you closer to reality through videos and images that we will carry out during the different surveillances and follow-ups to your partner in his or her daily routine, as well as hidden camera shots of his or her encounters, whenever it is possible.

In the case of discovering infidelity, we pay attention to the behaviour of the unfaithful partner and the lover, the places they frequent and we guarantee, at the request of the client, the provision of additional information of both persons.

Methods of performance

  • Surveillance and monitoring of the spouse
  • Photographs, video and hidden camera of their encounters
  • Additional information of the lover