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Modification of divorce measures

Our evidence can be taken to court and be decisive to modify the divorce measures adopted previously.

Revision of separate maintenance

We carry out all the necessary actions to demonstrate the real economic situation of the spouse and children in order to be able to review the child support agreed at the time of divorce, adapting them to the current reality. We can provide evidence on undeclared work activities, locate properties or companies and determine their social status and economic dependence.

By monitoring the activities carried out by the investigated person, the private detective can obtain conclusive evidence to determine if he is engaged in a paid work activity.

If this happens, the private investigator can determine the work activity and specify the opening hours in case of working in the retail sector. This will help to demonstrate if the salary received for it could be enough to request the reduction or termination of child support.

As in other investigations related to the modification of divorce and separation measures, our reports will be provided and ratified in court, whenever they are required.

Visitation appeal and custody of children

We provide all the necessary evidence to demonstrate that one of the two spouses does not fulfill the responsibility to take care of the children due to different inappropriate behaviours, such as neglect of the child, abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling or other addictive behaviours.

Methods of performance

  • Surveillance and monitoring of the spouse
  • Detection of undeclared work activity
  • Determination of marital cohabitation
  • Discovery of properties and income
  • Provision of evidence of irresponsible behaviours