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At Croma Detectives, we work professionally, discreetly and confidentially with the information that we must obtain through interviews with subjects and other sources. We know that these characteristics are the key to our success in obtaining information with the help of the discreet technological material that is necessary for this type of action.

We also need to prepare a good script in advance, related to the subject, in order to success in this kind of investigation. Our agency plays a very important role in this type of service. Our multitalented and bold collaborators record the information through different technological means in order to reach the goal desired by our client.

In particular cases, one of the few ways to identify certain assumptions is by placing a camouflaged camera that goes unnoticed.

Our main goal when placing a camera is that it goes completely unnoticed during the entire course of the investigation because we do not want to arouse suspicion.

Its use by a private detective, as long as it is in accordance with the legal system, has full legal validity.

Croma Detectives owns the latest technology. We exhaustively study each issue, conducting a feasibility study of the specific case that the client presents to us.

Related services:

  • Infiltrations in companies or businesses
  • Interviews with the investigated individuals or their closest relationships in order to obtain information

Installation of hidden cameras

The installation of hidden cameras can be done for both individuals and companies. The reasons that lead someone to hire our services may be of different nature: commercial, labour, economic, family, etc.

In the field of private investigation, it is considered a legitimate tool in the development of an investigation. Our goal when we install hidden cameras is the recording of images and sounds to reliably demonstrate the execution of an act that, otherwise, would not be possible to prove. Private detectives are the only legally authorised professionals that can perfom this type of action, as long as they are carried out within a legitimate investigation process.

It is worth mentioning that the installation of hidden cameras by individuals would be a flagrant crime punishable by imprisonment.

Where can we install hidden cameras?

We can install hidden cameras, as long as the right to privacy is not violated, in:

  • Companies
  • Premises
  • Residences

Cameras can NOT be installed in:

  • Lobbies or halls
  • Bedrooms
  • Companies permanently or when there is a less intrusive and harmful way to obtain information.

Croma Detectives takes into account the information that we want to obtain and based on this information, we carry out an exhaustive study of the place where the camera will be installed in order to find the most suitable corner based on the characteristics of the environment and the information that we need, at the same time that we ensure that fundamental rights are not violated.

In relation to obtaining evidence in this area, the following elements must be present: 

  • NEED 

For this reason, we have a team of professional experts in the installation of hidden cameras, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Its installation must be justified and motivated.
The evidence obtained may only be used in the Courts of Justice.
The cameras are completely camouflaged.
Anyone can get a hidden camera, it is available to everyone, but its optimal installation is an art. Only the private detective can use it. Its use by third parties not authorised for this purpose may lead to criminal sanctions and other jurisdictional orders. The evidence, therefore, does not have any legal validity.

Motivation for the installation of hidden cameras

There are several causes that can legitimise the installation of hidden cameras by a private detective. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • Labour irregularities
  • Domestic servants that are being physically and verbally abused

Methods of performance

  • We install hidden cameras to verify the behaviour of individuals for business or personal purposes.
  • We watch and review the images.
  • We remove the recording equipment.
  • We issue a final documented report.
  • We ratify in court.

Croma Detectives owns the most modern recording equipment available on the market. We use Pinhole hidden cameras, called like this due to the diameter of its optics, which is only a few millimeters and allows perfect camouflage. This guarantees maximum quality in the images recorded by the device.

Considerations in the placing and installation of hidden cameras 

As we already pointed out in our presentation, Croma Detectives is an agency approved by the Ministry of the Interior, whose functions include the placement of hidden cameras for prevention purposes.

We can affirm that hiring a private detective to place a hidden camera is completely legal.

Any physical or legal person who shows a legitimisation through a contract is able to hire a private detective. The private detective will work based on the the regulations and Articles established in Law 5/2014 of 4th of April 2014 on Private Security and the rest of the legal system.

All the evidence that we obtain may be used in its entirety in the Courts of Justice. The intervention of our Private Detective Agency in Mallorca will remain under strict confidentiality at all times.