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Feigned sick leaves have become one of the main causes of hiring the figure of a private detective. When an employee, who is in a period of temporary leave and pretends or exaggerates his or her disability, is carrying out incompatible activities with his or her absence from work, he or she is committing fraud. This employee is deceiving and causing economic losses to the company, contributing to its incorrect and non-productive performance.

After many years of experience, we have found that they tend to use this period of temporary disability to carry out other work activities, relocations, renovations or simply they take some time off at the expense of Social Security. Consequently, their acts are directly damaging the company and society.

Our duty is to verify that the person who is on sick leave fulfills with this responsibility during the recovery period and does not invest this time in other incompatible matters. In the event that the employee uses that time fraudulently, we will provide all the necessary material through a final report in order to formalise his disciplinary dismissal. 

Methods of performance

  • Surveillance and monitoring of the employee who is on sick leave
  • Demonstration of the possible work activity of the investigated employee
  • Observation of incompatible activities with the sick leave
  • Verification of the injuries or disabilities
  • Verification of non-compliance with medical treatment