The private detective is conclusive to solve these kinds of issues.

It is common that company managers go to detective offices in order to ask for help when they suspect that a salesperson, a technician or any other employee is working at the same time for another company and there can be a leak of sensitive information.

Companies often require the private investigator to prove this internal unfair competition, as well as find out which other company is profiting from this dishonest act.

Some of the most common practices regarding unfair competition are: selling a product at a price lower than its real cost, deceiving buyers into believing that the product has a different price than the real one, fraudulently diverting customers or spreading false or harmful information about products from the competition.
Supply clauses or exclusive sales infringement is another aspect to be taken into account.

Field work in these cases usually requires follow-ups and controls that may take longer than expected, but are usually very effective, since we obtain photographic, video, sound and/or written evidence on these practices that are detrimental to the company.

Once it is confirmed that the employee is working at the same time for another company or disseminating sensitive information to another company, the investigator identifies the other company and obtains information about it.

Once the investigation is completed, a complete report is delivered to our client, which can be used before the corresponding authority as evidence of violation of the Unfair Competition Law.

The graphic and video documentation is essential to successfully complete these investigations. These documents are attached to the final report, for subsequent input in legal proceedings.

In any case, based on the information you provide us, we can advise you on which is the most effective method of action to achieve the goal, always subject to legality.

Methods of performance

  • Planning of our performance and meeting the needs of our client.
  • Gathering all the possible information related to the case through the people in charge of the company: commercial, routes, clients, shifts…
  • Follow-up and control of the suspect
  • Detection of a parallel work activity
  • Provision of documentary evidence; bulletins, business register…
  • Obtaining information in an interview with the investigated person thanks to hidden cameras