Mutual insurance companies

The essential figure of the detective for this type of investigations is more important than ever when there are suspicions, proving to be indispensable as a collaborator with the Health Mutual Societies. In these cases, the figures show that the Social Security fraud is around 90%.

The action procedure is to go to the usual job of the employee in a situation of medical leave, disability or recipient of a benefit incompatible with the work activity in order to be able to check if they are present in the facilities or if the establishment remains open or closed. For this verification, we will use the time necessary to verify the fact, except for specific instructions of the mutual contracting party.

The monitoring of the employee may be initiated in the mutual centres, in the usual workplace or at home in order to verify and be able to demonstrate in a reliable and conclusive way if they carry out other work activities, as a freelance or on behalf of somebody else, or any other activity incompatible with the situations defined above (walking, carrying weights, moving limbs or trunk, driving vehicles, etc.).

The follow-ups should last enough days so that the facts can be verified and demonstrated. Usually, an investigation is carried out for a minimum of three days, unless the mutual insurance company considers a lower number of days sufficient.

In those cases, in which the mutual insurance companies consider the minimum of three days insufficient, they may make a request for an extension of the follow-up.

Methods of performance 

  • Monitoring the injured person
  • Verification and possible sequelae fraud
  • Verification and revision of degrees of disability

Insurance companies

We also collaborate with insurance companies in response to lies, deception or irregularities that their policyholders may commit.

We will help you to demonstrate the existence of a scam or fraud through interviews with the parties involved in the event, the location of witnesses and the reconstruction of the accident, among other steps, all of them duly documented thanks to our hidden technological means of images, video and voice, for subsequent decision-making.

The private investigation is increasingly considered an indispensable part of the set of measures aimed at protecting society and defending the rights and legitimate interests of the insurance companies. Let us show you how Croma Detectives can help you.

All the obtained information is collected by the detectives in a report in which they will provide evidence on the actual damages and injuries suffered by the insured person in the accident or on the veracity of the declared accident.

As a result of this fraud, if it has been originated, the insured person will face:

  • Loss of the insurance policy
  • Loss of compensation and criminal consequences, if the insurer deems it appropriate.
  • The criminal type would be scam and can lead to a fine or even be sentenced to deprivation of liberty.

According to data of the Cooperative Investigation between Spanish Insurance Companies and Pension Funds (Investigación Cooperativa entre Entidades Aseguradoras y Fondos de Pensiones, ICEA), the companies can get to spend more than €11,000,000 to detect fraud, but with this they manage to save more than €400,000,000.

In our country, the fraud rate related to car accidents has doubled in the last decade from 0.85% in 2010 to 1,94% in 2019 according to data from the 7th AXA’s report of fraud in Spain (VII Mapa AXA del fraude en España). There were 64,400 suspected accidents in total.

Methods of performance

  • Sequelae fraud. Investigation and reconstruction of accidents
  • Verification and possible sequelae fraud
  • Simulated accidents. Fire investigation
  • Economic / financial investigations
  • Monitoring the injured person
  • Verification of the fallout and damages claimed
  • Inability to work
  • Loss of earnings